June 26, 2008

we're on vacation!

I once again survived the pilgrimage alone with 2 kids! Yes, I lived 4 hours in an airplane and so did they. We only had one real melt down but, it seemed like 24 hours.

The lady in front of us was not so kind and rude. It's okay the man next to me was nice and helpful. He was trying to help and told the kids to look at a puppy a few seats up so they stood up to see it (in the seats) and Rissa promptly split her Fruit Loops on the unkind lady. It was kind of funny. Esp. since she was stupid enough to ask what they were, like she'd never seen a fruit loop before! They were whole no crumbs. any time the kids would bump her seat she'd push back, unfortunately Hunter thought it was a game. I had to tell him loudly she wasn't playing with him but, annoyed with him.

But, we lived. I can't wait to upload pictures. I made a last minute decision to not take strollers and car seats. It turned out great. They walked slow but, looked so cute pulling thier travel back packs. Everyone kept telling Hunter how cute his frog back pack was. His sister got jealous, she's not use to him getting the attention.

The kids are having fun seeing thier Poppy, Yaya and Nana. We even had a quick visit with Granny today during a rain storm.

We are off to see the zoo tomorrow. Pray for Zebras! Rissa can't wait to see them.

You should see Rissa's hair here with the rain. It's he mom's worse nightmare but, it's a close look a like for Fancy Nancy! Even she says it's lookin likee a mugga ruffin aka Ragga Muffin- This is what I tell her when it's lookin bad or her close are messy or unmatching (Sorry I can't do the ragga muffin look). I know it's bad but, people judge you by the way you look. Which brings me to one last thought. My dad has one of the older large TV's that is about 3 feet wide. Clarissa spent quite some time today infront of it dancing, singing and looking at her self. Thus was when she decided she may be lookin like a mugga ruffin. I'm hoping for a better hair day tomorrow!

any suggestions for curly hair in humidity. She will never move to humid weather after seeing pictures of her hair today! I'll post them when I can figure it out. okay way to much for now.

I'm hoping this post with the right date the other night it wasn't This is Thursday June 26th

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Rochelle said...

too cute mugga ruffin, I use ragga muffin too! Sabrina actually told me I look like a ragga muffin once, and it was right after I did my hair LOL. I just love it when I do my hair and come out and she says"mommy you look silly" Gotta love em'.