February 14, 2009

I love you!

This post is for my husband.

I know I don't tell him often enough how much I love him. But, I do. I keep thinking I want to make one of those cute scrapbooks reasons I love you. But, I never seem to get things accomplished. So here it goes blog style!

1. I love that Clarissa can talk you into almost anything. Even if it is sleeping on the couch or new clothes!

2. I love your passion for things like Hunting and Star Wars as it helps you understand my passion for my hobbies. I love how you want to share them with your family. That you want me to go hunting with you, that you have turned our kids into Star Wars fans.

3. I love how you've taught me to have fun, have a sense of humor and joke.

4. I love how you now love to go to Disneyland with me.

5. I love the way you manage my custom orders for rooms, shelving and entertainment centers.

6. I love the way you cut wood for me with out complaining.

7. I love that we do projects together, I miss that as it's not as together as it use to be (before kids).

8. I love going on trips with you and spending time alone with you ( I always hating coming home as then I don't get to see you all the time).

9. I love the way you love me.

10. I love that you know what I like Boyd Bears, paper, craft things and that you do you best that I can have all the fun toys I want.

11. I love that you have an opinion about decorating our house.

12. I love that you make things my fireplace mantle, my scrapbook room, Rissa's entertainment center.

13. I love that we don't have a real schedule and you don't get upset about it. Dinner is when it is and clothes get washed when they get washed.

14. I love the fact that I can plan to do what I need to and when and it's never a problem. (trips out of town or to friends, I never have to ask permission)

15. I love the way Clarissa gets excited that her dad is coming home and how she misses him so much when he's away. (Even thou her airport scenes are quite dramatic it's nice to know she loves her Daddy Very very very much) I know you didn't believe me when I was pregnant but, do now. That girl would kick me to death when you came home and she heard your voice.

16. I love the way Hunter is loving more and more to be with his Dad (I do miss my Mommy's boy) how he loves to help his dad and spend time with him.

17. I love target shopping or maybe I should say bargin shopping with you. You understand my need for a closet full of gifts for someday as well as they cabinet full of party stuff for 5 different parties my children could have but, know I'll probably come up with a new theme and just add to my stash.

Thank you for our 2 beautiful children a home and taking care of all my needs and wants. For making my dreams come true, for understanding my desire to be educated and encouraging me in the process.

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