February 10, 2009

One Weekend

It's hard to believe how much I accomplished in SLC this weekend. Kent and I had some alone time which was nice. I think that was the most important part of the weekend. It would have been nice to have more. I kind of miss being alone with my husband.

I was able to find a great new place to buy vinyl. I love their vinyl it peels so nice. Now I know the secret to small vinyl projects. We went to the hunting expo and that was great fun. Ok it was neat they has some awesome jewelery booths. Yeah it was that interesting that I was looking at the jewelery. I did find some great bears I can't wait to have my own. Oh and a mink coat that was a great price but, unfortunately I left it there. It just wasn't in my budget for this trip. I still had plenty of craft stores to go to. We finished the expo earlier than anticipated so we were off to Quilted Bear and a few craft shows.

Then we had a great dinner at Kent's sister's house Thanks Kathy for the great dinner.

Then on to Saturday before I met up with my childhood friend Beth I was off to wait for a craft store to open. I felt like I had died and went to crafters heaven. A few products I have been looking for were there and then some. So lets say I spent my wad there to say the least. I can't wait to go back next month. I then met with my friend Beth (I was running a little late due to going to craft mecca) and we spent the afternoon craft shopping. I found some great new ideas I have never seen before that incorporate my favorite craft supplies. I'm excited to get things cleaned up and start working on a new line. Of course a visit to SLC would not be complete without a trip to Roberts-surprisingly enough I only found one thing I needed there and even decided to wait on that.

It was a great trip to spend some time with Kent and to get things accomplished in a quicker manner without children in tow.

I can't wait for March to come and to go back for Beth's wedding and some more crafting excursions.

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