February 25, 2009

A new Hope

I can't believe I am writing this. I am not an Obama fan. I have prayed for our president like no other. I have feared where he may lead us. Although I did know he had redeeming graces, as I was sure being the family man he is, that he would not embarrass our country like Bill did with his scandals.

I will say I had and do have many issues I do not agree with him on and I'd still make the same choice I made on election day. But, we have what we have.

After listening to his speech to congress tonight, I have a new hope. He spoke of 2 issues that are near and dear to my heart. Both issues I have chosen to support in my careers.

1- Access to Health Care. Having grown up with out this access I find this to be a basic human right that is lacking in our free country. I spent many days going out to play with the words don't break anything we don't have insurance being uttered to me. I'll admit there are many things I did not try for fear of breaking something. But, those days inspired me to be who I am, I grew from these experiences and would not change them they have allowed me to have empathy. I spent the first 4 years of my career promoting access to Health care thru March of Dimes and then as the Director of The Huntridge Teen Clinic. So I believe in access to health care, I have lobbied for it and will continue to do so.

2- Education. I know education is the key out of poverty. I know education is the key to the future. I could go on and on about this. I know that thru education your life can be better (notice I said better not easier). I am an educator. I'm a teacher why because I spent time with those in need and saw the lack of education, the lack of ability to do for one self, to read. I'm excited for all Americans to increase their education levels. I'd love to increase mine. If President Obama offered to pay for a PHD program I'd enroll in one tomorrow. I can't explain to you my desire for education for myself, my students and my children. In these hard economic times it's my education that will carry me through that will allow me to work. I strive daily to impress upon the young minds of my students what our President said tonight. I probably lecture them to much but, I need them to understand that an education will improve their future. I do hope we have reform in education. NCLB is only allow us to teach to test and not to students. I will say I do not agree with performance pay. I teach 8th grade. When I'm given multiple 8th graders who read at a first grade level it is difficult for me to accomplish 8th grade work. It is difficult in a time when many of our students are not in the American school system for 9 years by the time they reach 8th grade. But, this is another story for another day.

I must say I feel renewed after tonight. I was happy to hear that I would not be punished for making wise decisions. That Americans who bought more than they knew they could afford would be held accountable for their actions. I'm sorry guys I used less than half the amount the bank approved me for when I bought my current house. I fought them for a 15 year mortgage vs a 30 and I put 20% down on my house. I would have loved a bigger house in a different neighborhood (well kind of I loved my ward, at the time, I love my ward now too). But, I could not act responsibly and buy that bigger house in the nicer neighborhood.

I'm looking forward to more educated healthy Americans. Mr. President I can support you in these endeavors. I'm willing to do what it takes.

Oh and I love that checks are not being sent out but, extra money will be in our paychecks. (I'm anxious to see it). I do have on beef however. I could only wish to fall into this category and hope to some day. I'm sorry but, I don't think $250K is a lot of money for a house hold if you have 2 well educated people working. Yes, It is a lot more than what comes into my home but, If I was being paid what a person with the equivalent of 2 Masters' degrees should and would be paid if I wasn't a teacher. I'd be making close to that. Education should be rewarded with higher salaries. Thus the reason for obtaining it.

I'm hoping Mr. President you do something for our great state of Nevada's education system. My students need you. They need the resources to be 8th graders reading on an 8th grade level. They need to be prepared to obtain higher education. I'm excited that it will be financially available for them. That they will not spend years after paying for it as I have.

For a healthier more educated tomorrow I stand with you Mr. President and hope we can work together. I hope I can continue to be proud to be an American!

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