February 13, 2009


Well I had great plans for cute valentines to be sent out but, it didn't get done. I decided that Valenties' Day is to close to Christmas. I mean it was only 6 weeks ago we were showing everyone how much we love them. I'm hoping they didn't forget already.

So for this Valentines I accomplished a few craft projects to add to my new mantle and my kids are having a Valentines party. Clarissa is so excited, she is a little forlorn as she has to share the party with her brother but, excited none the less. I have quite the little party planner on my hands. Last night we were at the store to get a few things in preparation for the big day. She informed me she needed cute plates and napkins. While I've been trying to stick to a budget, I had to agree as I guess she may be Daddy's girl but, her mother's daughter as everything needs to match. I'm excited for her. I'm not excited that I feel asleep a few minutes into Grey's Anatomy last night and didn't get the living room cleaned.

I can't wait for the party.
We are going to make braclets
Decorate cupcakes
and find the missing hearts.
I think that should take up an hour of time.

I'm still debating on gift bags for primary tomorrow. I'm sure I'll give in but, I have a tremendous amount of work I want to get accomplished this weekend as we will be having visitors for the next 3 weekends and then we go to SLC for my friends wedding.

Did I mention that Kent's 40th birthday is coming up soon? I can hardly wait! Seeing how I missed out on the promised Black cake for my 30th I'll have to get him good as I know he won't let up on my 40th. It's all in fun for me atleast. He may not think the hair dye. cane and sticker are funny but the rest of us will.


Julia said...

Oh Autumn, that letter to your husband was sooooo sweet! I love it. I forgot to tell you thank you so much for the wonderful gifts for Clarissa and Hunter to my little ones at Christmas. They really did love them. I'm sorry I didn't come down, I was really sick. I missed the Cookie Exchange too which totally bummed me out.
I haven't heard from you in forever, is everything o.k.? Just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you. I value you as my friend and if I've done ANYTHING to upset you, please let me know, cuz I would NEVER want to do that. I love Ya!

bow mom said...

No Julie, I have been trying to scale back this year. I got wrapped up in doing everything and well. I can't, I mean I can but, I have been trying to get my house in order and things organized. I can't keep going and going. We so need to get together. I'm hosting a PHD group Projects Half Done for my ward, see my ward blog on March 5th. Come join us. I'm trying to get projects complete before I commit to more in life. I'm also trying to do more for my kids as I know that tomorrow they will be older and I will miss their messes and thier cuteness.