February 25, 2009

For my sweet Red Head

This post is for my sweet Red head. Who keeps me on my toes. There are some things I'd like to share about her.

I was inspired by the icecream troft Rissa is a party planner much like her mother. Someone asked me Sunday if I was that happy and spunky when I was her age. I'm sure I was. She has so many qualities that remind me of myself.
  • a love for paper
  • Shopping and clothes
  • having fun
  • Just the other day we were watching TV and Washington DC was on something she inquired where it was and could she go there. I said most definitely someday. Traveling is one of my many passions and I can hardly wait til my children are ready to hit the road. A few days after that she informed me she was going to live in Washington DC when she grew up. I was ecstatic. She is her mothers daughter. I dreamed of living in NYC as a child. I knew I had to live in a big city. That's how I got to be in Las Vegas (It's not quite the city I was thinking of but, I know it's where My Heavenly Father wanted me to be).
  • She has recently discovered sweaters and loves to wear them. Now that our 6 week cold spell is over (I hope).
  • I know she has a relationship with our Heavenly Father almost a month ago she scared me with this news Well just the other day she came to be again I said she would only be able to see me for 4 more weeks. When I inquired why she then explained she was then going to see Heavenly Father. I said OK, that I love her and I'd miss her if she went there to stay. Yes, I was screaming inside. But, I learned this lesson last time, Maybe it will be a dream as she sleeps, Maybe she is just pretending, Maybe she really will go see him. If she does I can only find comfort in knowing she knew where she was going. That being said I can not imagine my house without her. It would be quiet, (well her brother would be screaming for her, they are inseparable so he thinks) and clean. It does make me appreciate her paper left all over a little more. None the less I try not to think of it and pray that if she
  • She loves to play dolls
  • But, most of all she loves to cook. This was not something I learned to love until after college but, I love to create cool, cute food. If I'm going to make it, it needs to be cute.

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Julia said...

Oh Autumn, that almost made me cry! Well...I did tear up. I love listening to what our children say, but that one would've been really hard for me. But how sweet...