April 1, 2009

Brain Please

OK. Some alien came and took my brain and I'd like it back! Now please!

I was cleaning the kitchen YUCK! Thinking of all the many things I want to get done during Spring Break and before my dad comes the next week. When I realized. I had not taken my kids for Easter pictures. Yeah, I have the outfits about ready- minus shoes for Hunter and a shirt for Rissa. Okay and her bows are not done yet. but, still about ready. I had completely forgotten about pictures and a visit to the BUNNY! I got to thinking am I the only one who does Easter pictures anymore? I'll still do them it's rissa 1/2 bday time anyway and I love pictures. You can tell becuase they are all neat stuffed in the packages they come in. Some are even lucky enough to get to people. Count yourself lucky if that happens.

I taught a class on organization, OK you can stop laughing and I said I was going to create a list for every holiday about what goes along with it. I think people thought I was nuts. But, I'm going to. that away I don't forget things like visits to the BUNNY. I mean it only happens for 8 or so years. That makes me sad as Rissa is probably half way through her belilef stage of life.

Anyway back to cleaning for my class tomorrow night Spring Garland. How fun


Mary-Berth said...

I have a notebook for every holiday, but I am hyper-organized.

Christy said...

I keep saying that I am going to start a binder for each holiday and include recipe's that I like too but that hasn't happened yet. Good luck with yours.