January 31, 2009

Who would have thought?

I know this will be hard for some of you to believe but, I won one of the prized at my ward Chili cook off. I know My roomie from Ricks can't believe it but, I did. See somethings do change in life. I can cook.

I don't feel like this Saturday was as productive as last but, I did hold a yard sale (sorry guys it was in the high 60's). I made $250.00 well really $200.00 after I spent money too. The best was we took a truck full of stuff to DI that is no longer hibernating in my house. So between that, making Chili and going to the Chili cook off nothing else got accomplished. I guess there is always tomorrow. I'm so excited I have a short week this week as Kent and I are going to SLC on Thursday for the weekend with out kids. It will be nice to just be us and not out hunting. I have lots to get accomplished plus ribbon to cut as I think I do my best bow making on road trips.

I'll post pictures if I can get some but, Clarissa won the Apron Diva award at the chili cook off. She loves to cook so this was fun for her. She takes a cooking class once a week and has decided she wants to have a cooking birthday party. Since I was thinking we may have a party at home this year instead of someplace it sound fun. Now to decide on Hunter's 3 party. I know it's 3 months away but, usually I have it planned by now. I keep changing my mind. It's his Bday to go someplace (I was letting them have parties out on the odd bdays). If he does Mc D's he's again playing 2nd fiddle to his sister as she had her 3rd bday there. But, where else? I just don't think he's old enough for Chuck E Cheese. So we'll see. Suggestions are appreciated. He loves, Cars, Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Which brings me to another story. A few weeks ago after church Clarissa went around inviting people to our house for an ice cream party. Our bishop's wife, who I know well, came up to me and asked if I knew I was having an ice cream party. I didn't, we didn't even have ice cream in our freezer. It was funny but, scared me as to what will come in 10 years. I promised Clarissa she could have a party some time later. Fast forward to last night we were looking at Valentines and she asked to have a Valentine party. SO I agreed. Yeah I know crazy but, I thought what a great way for her to show her friends she loves them and well it would be fun and make me clean my house again. So I'm kind of excited to get in planned and to have fun. I think I may have a social butterfly on my hand. I will have to write later about Sis. Polka dot. If I forget please remind me.

Life is fun, and we have so much to be thankful for.


Crystal Martin said...

Great Job! Congrats on the chili cook off placing. And yes, I believe you have a social butterfly on your hands. Chris was mine. So what are you going to SLC for...craft supplies?

NorthLasVegasmom said...

Jeff and I are planning a small Singletree reunion for end of April. We would like to do it at our home in North Las Vegas. It would be a casual dinner and.... we are thinking of doing this for adults only. As much as we love our kids we know that our kids often need so much attention they do not allow us to do much else than care for them. But I would like everyone to bring a family photo to show off their kids and we'll have some games/activities to catch up on each others lives. I am in the process of notifying:
Kami Crabtree Mendoza
Christy Reber (what is her last name?)
Chris and Deanne
Jill and Mark
Becky Putnam
Amy Hohl
and I'm not sure if I should invite every former member of the 2000/2001 group married and single. I just don't want any of the still singles to be uncomfortable if we totally give the rundown on our families. What do you think? Go to my blog and let me know. And any other Singletree people you think of... just let me know.

Explain to me what you would like me to teach for the Enrichment class.