April 29, 2009

Hunter is 3

Happy Birthday Hunter! You are the sweetest boy ever!

Hunter opening some Easter candy. He is a candy fean!
The picture of Hunter in teh helmet is one ofmy favorite.
Chocooolate face, Hunter can sniff out chocooolate a mile away and has a sweet tooth.
This is Hunter at a year old at his grandparents.

Hunter you are my sweet boy, We love you. You bring balance to our family! You are everything your sister is not.
You are quiet and loving. You can play for hours alone with your cars or with your sister. You love your sister so much. You love to talk when given the opportunity. You are the best hugger a mom could ask for. I love to cuddle with you (although you're quickly out growing your mom's arms).

Some things about Hunter:
He Has recently changed his favorite color from orange to green.
He loves to fix things aka take them apart.
He loves his sister and misses her when she is away.
He is Momma's boy and gives the best hugs.
He is quiet most of the time
He loves his candy and chocoolate. (The reason for his M & M bday)
He loves balls and sports. (soccer and T ball right now)
He is our jokester. (We're scared for our future) He is always making us laugh. such as telling me I'm making his head go away as I post right now.
He is easy going and goes with the flow.
He is the best brother ever!
He loves Thomas the train and Cars and Handy Manny!
He wants a dog or kitten bad.
He likes to go to the Library with his Tutu.
He loves elephants.
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