April 16, 2009

some Easter pictures

Look Mom 2 eggs!
Hunter Finding an Easter Egg, Easter Morning. He was very hard and cracked most of the eggs he found. He could not wait for sister to get up to find the eggs.

Clarissa with morning hair hunting for eggs. I love the smile on her face. It's not often you get one from her in the morning.

Dad, helping to dye eggs. WARNING: DO NOT DYE EGGS ON COUNTERS!

It stains and gives mom's heart attacks. Thankfully the dye came off but, it was a close call. Denatured Alcohol does the trick. The Internet said Lava soap does it for skin. At that point I didn't care about the hands, which is a first.

My kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in my house. Maybe cause my husband made it for me.

Please excuse the hair, it was late Saturday night like 9 pm!

Hunter in for the Hunt, trying to beat Clarissa to the eggs. He loved hunting eggs.

I will update this with more pictures. I'm having trouble getting the ones, with the bunny and their cute clothes off the sd card. AGH

One quick story as I'm sure Rissa will remember this for life.
She came out of primary with a cupcake (that looked like an easter basket). Yes, you guesses it. she had it all over her 2 cute hands and I just envisioned it all over her dress, my mini van and everything else. Those of you that know me well, know I DO NOT do messes. If you want to get dirty you have to go to Aunt Shanie's house to play. So I had a bad mom moment in the hall at church. I instructed her to throw the cupcake away. Yes, it started the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Sister Conger came to the rescue and helped Clarissa and wrapped her cupcake in a paper towel and cleaned her up. I do have to report she didn't remember the cupcake later. We made our own for Easter Dinner. But, she was sure to tell Tutu I told her to throw away her cupcake at Church. Which was no surprise to Tutu as we all know I don't do messes, especially in Easter dresses.

Hope you all had a great Easter. Ours was a bit hurried due to me having strep. I'm still trying to recover. AGH!

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