April 30, 2009

It's almost Summer fun group time.

Just thought I'd put a plug in for my summer fun group/ blog. It's almost that time. I can hardly stand it. Parks, Movies, and fun FREE stuff. I'm taking suggestions. I'm thinking this year I may be just a little wild and do it on different days weekly. Let my hair down a little. I like routines but, it seems so restrictive and it leaves people out.

Here is the link to my summer fun group. Come visit us! Come play with us. Give us suggestions of fun things you'd like to do.

on a side note, my friend Maggie is the party queen I want to be like her. I'd love to have fun parties all the time. I have 2 reservations. 1- I think I have party anxiety that no one will show up. 2- I think I need to do it all. All the decorations, All the food and it gets taxing and expensive cause if you know me you know it's all about being cute. Sorry It's an OCD I have. Just my thoughts. Check out maggies cool parties.

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