April 14, 2009

Not on my list

So I love list as you can see from my last post. I think they may keep me organized or attempt to. Well I hate it when thing NOT ON MY LIST take over my list!

I had 2 nice list progressing nicely last week. 1- Easter and 2- Spring Break. I felt like I was plugging away at a decent rate and then... My List and my life was taken over by....

Yes, again! enough already! This girl does not have time for this. Wed. night I started to not feel well so I turned in early 10 pm (hey that's early for me) as I was taking the kids to the fair on Thursday. Got up felt better and got on our way. went to the fair meet my BF Christy and her 2 kids. I'll post pictures later. We had fun. Clarissa wanted to know what the spell was as soon as we piled out of the car and Hunter just wanted to see the PIG.

We saw the sites, rode a ride (my rule only one, I hate fair rides, save it for the big D). As we were ready to leave my throat was sore so we stopped for a drink, I drove home in silence to sleeping kids and if you've ever ridden with Clarissa you can appreciate the silence. It's beautiful. I came home to a sick husband and literally minutes later started to not feel so well. I took my temperature and it was 103. YUCK. So the rest of the night was trying to get our fevers down, somehow I always managed to stay a couple of degrees higher than Kent. He could have won that contest. The kids were trying to be good but, it was hard. I finally got into the DR. 2 shots and 4 prescriptions later. I broke my fever and was on the mend. But, that just set in a panic as it was Now Saturday and I was the host of Easter dinner, the bunny and a house that had been taken over by a 4 yo and 2 yo for 2 days. Somethings will never be the same (my sewing machine that got cracked). But, I'm on the mend. It's now Tuesday and I'm still not feeling 100% but, am working at it.

My list got paired down considerably and I feel bad for it but, Life goes on. We got the essentials completed and had a great Easter. Our friends the Henderson's came over and my friend Angie.

Just for the record I'll list what I did accomplish during break. Cleaning at one pt. both kids rooms, changing out summer clothes, Made C a skirt and purse. Made H 3 pr of shorts minus hemming on 2. Almost made R a lady bug top. Still a few more things to do. Made 50 choc suckers, Easter Dinner, Many button bracelets, trip to the fair, Baskets, straightened house, a few bows, Had fun with my kids, I'm sure there is more I just need to check my list, Oh, designed Hunter's party invites, now to get them finished and out.

and to close with a Rissaims. we were on the off ramp from I 15 to Tropicana going to pick Tutu up at the airport and she realized we were up high. She says, " Mom , were up high I'm scared, this is my scared face, see my teeth, no don't look." She then explained her scared face shows her teeth because scared faces are suppose to show your teeth. I couldn't look as the road curves and well. I'll have to look for another scary opportunity to share.

One last thing. I finally gave into 3 days 3 1/2 hours of preschool Monday was her first day. I'm pretty sure her dad and I were a lot more scared than she was. She did great and is excited to go back. Guess she'll be ready for Kinder in the fall. Where did my baby go?

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Julia said...

Clarissa's scared face made me laugh out loud!! Too funny! I love the "No, don't look" and the description. Seriously funny!! Hey, was the invitation for all three small one's or just Emma and Joseph.