April 2, 2009

Easter checklist so far

OK so here are my words in action. Here is my Easter list so far. (Iwish I knew how to put a pdf file on here).

* Decorate house
* Outfit for Clarissa- dress, shoes, bow,
* Outfit for Hunter- shirt, pants, vest, tie, shoes, socks
* Pictures w/ Easter Bunny
* Family Pictures
* cards sent to family.
* Dye Eggs
* Easter craft for kids
* Egg hunt planned
* mold chocolate ( I decided this activity belonged with this holiday as we can't seem to get it in at others. It was one of my favorites as a child.)
*Kids gift bags for friends/ Primary
* Easter Baskets- stuffing
* Easter Dinner
Potatoe salad
Green Been casserole
Deviled eggs
Pasta salad
Cute desseret- Cupcakes, Bunny cake, etc.-

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