April 20, 2009

I love Fresh and Easy!

OK, anyone who knows me and knows me well knows I'm a bargain hunter ( I secretly like it when people thin other wise, that makes the game all the more fun). In fact I'd like to think I'm the queen of bargain shopping. If it's not on sale it's not for me. I keep thinking I'll start a blog all about bargain shopping. anywho. I'm not a coupon person. I like them, I cut them out but, I only collect them I never use them. Well unless they are for Gymboree. I never forget a Gymbo coupon. Never met one I didn't like or find a way to use. I'm addicted but, I'll out grow it in a few years. Speaking of Gymbo. Don't forget it's time to redeem Gymbucks again! YAHOO and I even got some cool coupons. I can't wait. It's my one indulgence in life.

Anyway back to my story. I hate grocery shopping as I never feel like I get a good deal. Well I have a new friend Fresh and Easy. They have great deals. The other day I got $120.00n worth of groceries for $50.00. We are eating better food and paying a lot less. My budget, yes, I said the B word is loving it too. I mean all kinds of meat and veggies on sale. I got a watermelon Sat. pm for a dollar. Grapes for a dollar. Who can beat it? I'm in love! So is my husband I got Halibut for 4, ribs for $6- food I'd never buy. I've even learned to make homemade Pizza (you can buy the whole wheat dough for under $2. It's great! My frig is full of fun stuff. I do have to say I'm weird I hate a full frig. I like to look and see everything, so that is disturbing but, I'm living with it.

Final a deal at the grocery store. I like to shop when I can find a bargain!

Oh yeah and one more bargain for the week Michael's has Cricut cartridges on sale and lots of other fun stuff! I can't wait to get there but, my bank account can wait!

Don't forget to get your Easter stuff it's all on sale/ clearance at Target. I'm done for next year. Did I tell you I have my kids Christmas done too and b days. Yeah I like to shop early. I'm sure I'll add to it but, if the economy doesn't let that happen they will be taken care of. I'll let you in on a little secret. I have a closet full of toys ready to be gifted. I had vowed to scale it down. But, with the economy as it is I have just been adding here and there. Some people have food storage I have present storage(Hopefully I can barter for food.), It makes my favorite time of year much more enjoyable. Ok I'll stop coming out of the closet now and get back to Hunter's b day planning.

Oh that brings me to my last bargain of the day. We went to M&M world tonight as my dad is here and is staying right across the street. Hunter is having and M&M bday party on Friday. I made cute invites, I'll show them later Yes, you guessed it I found M&M party stuff 50% OFF! CAN YOU BELIEVE MY LUCK. I got party hats, blowers, table cloth and wrapping paper. I was so excited. It did take me over budget but, it was/ is totally worth it. I also got cool bags to put the party favors in. I can't wait! I can't wait to share pics. Soon I'll have it all finished!


Marsha said...

Now I know why we are such great friends. I buy everything on sale. I have a few Christmas gifts and I have had Ethan's birthday gift since Christmas. His bday is May 25. It is wonderful to find bargains and save them for the appropriate times. My most recent fabulous find were the Christmas dresses I got for the girls for under $10. These were $50 and $60 dresses. I think I bought Ruby 4 different ones and Savannah 2. Plus I got Ruby some winter stuff from Children's place. I love the end of season clearances.

Heidi said...

mmmmmmm I love me a good sale too! I go beyond "bargain" though - I'm officially "cheap". *winks*

If you have a wheat grinder or have wheat flour, I have a FANTASTIC recipe for whole wheat pizza dough! And it's SIMPLE because it doesn't need to rise. I make quick pizza lunches for my kids, throwing on some bbq sauce, chicken and cheese. (Now I'm totally making it for lunch... YUM!)

Mary-Berth said...

Ok, there is nobody who bargain hunts like my family. I too have a closet filled with gifts for the whole year. I even have my Toys for Tots and raffle prizes for my fundraiser in December, but this week, we got the best deal ever. We bought a house. Last sale price was 600,000. I got it for 145,000. Maybe someday I will be able to make up for the high prices I paid for the other two I have. I am not as thrilled with Fresh and Easy even though my husband and both sons worked on the design plans for several of their locations. I am much happier with Trader Joe's. The prices are reasonable and most everything is organic. The meat is primarily cage free.