December 5, 2008

Christmas letter

In my effort to be technologically savy, I'm posting my Christmas letter this year on my blog and then sending out fewer cards/ letters. So here it goes.

Merry Christmas to all

We do hope this Christmas letter finds you in good cheer. We have been blessed with yet another successful year of good times and good health.
Clarissa turned 4 this year and is quite the social butterfly. She was in her first play as a munckin and had her first dance recital. She loves to sing and dance and can't wait to be in more plays. She also loves to rider 4 wheelers with her dad. She is Daddy's little princess and has him wrapped around her little finger. She is excited to start school next year and be a big girl.

Hunter is still his Momma's boy and loves anything that involves dirt, to his mothers dismay. I swear he is a dirt magnet. He keeps baby wipes in business and mom criying with all the dirt. He loves to make his sister sqeeal most recently just by calling her Cassie instead of Clarissa. He is the BEST hugger and kisser. He loves to give hugs and kisses to his mom esp. before she leaves in the morning. He is a charming boy and we are told all the time he will be a heart breaker. I hope we can teach him to be prince charming.

Kent is on year 20 of working at Western Casework and still enjoys all he does there. He had quite the hunting season and we are looking forward to seeing more of him now that it is over. He finished our addition including laying my new bamboo floor in the additon and kitchen. I wanted it so I got it, and well it is nice.

I have spent my year running in circles with my house being added upon which I am greatful for, I have lived in a cloud of dust. I finished an additonal 16 graduate credits this past school year for a total of 29 in 2 school years. Yes, I'm crazy. I was accepted into the Las Vegas Crafters Guild with my bows and vinyl and thus my business took off. I have been doing large craft shows and kickin butt, That also means I have been staying up to keep up with demand. It's getting taxing. I'm still teaching 8th grade English and well I'm ready for a change.

The kids, Tutu and I started our year with a trip to the big D, Disneyland with our dear friends the Lindbergs. We only made one other trip to Disneyland this year but, I was lucky enough to go to FL for a conference and went to Epcot and got to see my grandparents too. Not to mention shop at some great southern outlets (heartstrings). We took our annual pilgrimage to MI via plane again. This is where I earned 50 grey hairs. Me and 2 kids on the plane. Yeah I think I'd rather run 30 miles up hill. I say everytime never again. (and then I agree to do it again for Christmas) We had a good time but, Poppy (my dad) spent most of our visit in the hospital, so Rissa was very sad. She is still a little upset over that but, we all know time heals all wounds. While on vacation we went to the Toledo zoo and saw how big baby Kalie and Louie had gotten and did not miss the zebra's (Rissa's favorite animal, missed last year) this year.The kids also got to attend their first Tiger's game! It was my first in the new stadium. It was grand. Hunter is now in love with baseball which is good since he doesn't even fit into 18months pants at 2 1/2.

That's about all for our travels this year.

I had a cow elk tag and harvest that in early Oct. Kent had a PIW tag and was able to hunt a lot (almost every weekend) this fall. He harvested a nice buck that we are hoping will appear in a magazine.

We are busy with all hte hustle and bustle to get the holidays ready and ourselves ready for our Christmas trip to Michigan. The kids are excited to see snow. I'm excited to see family again.

I'm so excited for blogging and facebook as I have been reunited with some dear old friends and now can't wait to see them in person again. Stay tune to our blog for the many things we do. We manage to keep life interesting to say the least.

Merry Christmas

P.S. We will add Pictures to this post soon

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