December 9, 2008

Drama Queen

Did any of you hear any whaling and gnashing of teeth and moaning last night?
Did you hear loud laughter in the Henderson, NV area
Clarissa was trying out for Drama Queen of the year.
Or so I hope that is what all the racket was about. I'm afraid she has been paralyzed by fear. If you happen upon her in the next few weeks I'm sure she'll tell you the paralyzing story.
It's called 4, 4 year old shots.
She went to the Doctor last night and "he hurt her". (I didn't think she'd be getting shots til Spring so I didn't prepare her, so I do feel a bit guilty.) None the less I'm sure my writing can not do justice to the drama that has been going on at my house.
She screamed out with pain for hours last night. Could hardly walk out of the Dr's office. Told everyone there the Dr. hurt her and was mean. Advised the kids in the waiting room to not go back to see the doctor as they hurt you.
Screamed and cried like she had gotten stitches. Moaned as she walked down the hall and to the car. Was so hurt she couldn't eat a Happy Meal. But, could try a Frosty.
I had to pick up some items for school at Joann's and Michael's. She moaned as she walked around the stores, crying out in pain like she was beaten. As we walked out of Jo Ann's she screamed so loud the people 2 stores down had to look at her and me. (I have to tell you all the time I'm trying to not laugh, and telling her maybe she needed to go to bed if it hurt that bad. And we wouldn't be able to put up her Christmas tree). She moaned and screamed all the way home and fell asleep for a few short seconds.
She hurt so bad her dad had to carry her in the house (The only person who gave her sympathy). She advised her brother that doctors are mean and he shouldn't go see them. They hurt you. She continued to carry on like at the stores being able to do nothing. We didn't even put up her tree as she was to hurt. When she had to get off the couch to get ready for bed. She requested a walker to help her walk. She feebly crept down the hall for her PJ's and had to sleep on the couch due to pain.
In her defence I was up til 2 am peeling vinyl and she whimpered in her sleep and called out til about 1 am. (Which has me concerned, She felt fine). She woke this morning hardly able to do anything (according to her). I told her we may have to cancel a play date and she seemed to feel a little better.
Yes, we have a DRAMA QUEEN on our hands. Guess I got my money's worth from Hollywood Kids!
I think she could have gotten an Oscar for her performance.
It was so funny to watch our little drama queen!
May we see Red carpet in our future. Guess I should listen to those talent agents. I could spend my weekend in LA instead of at Crap shows (craft).

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Christy said...

Oh the poor girl. Tell her Shanie is sorry her mom is so mean she takes her to the Dr. for her shots. Actually, I hope she forgets before she sees my girls. Danna is a jr. drama queen and everytime she "duzzn't feeeels good." she needs to go to the Dr.