December 22, 2008

Motivation needed please

Ok I'm not in the mood to complete any of the things I have left to do. I want to do them but, don't!

I have started the last of my vinyl christmas presents (only have to stick them)
I have grocery shopped and made fudge.
I have the kitchen I begged for and have yet to cook in it like I wanted (What's up with me).
I have designed the things I need to scrap book.

I have started loads of laundry. (the don't get put away or folded).

I still have to pack for our trip to Michigan on Thursday night.

If any one out there has any motivation could you please send it my way. Please just for a day or two.

I was ready to cook only to find taht someone somehow had broken my Kitchen TV AGAIN! I'm bummed. I just got it back working. I just want the noise realy but, it makes me sad, upset that things keep getting broken. I don't understand some times I want to live in my own little bubble. I can't stand broken things. I've been like this since I was a child. Mind you I kept many of my toys new in the box because I didn't want them to be used.

I think I must have some type of phobia or something. Oh well Guess I need to get something done.

Merry Christmas

1 comment:

Christy said...

get a grip girl! at least you have a kitchen tv to get broken! don't your kids make enough noise for you? mine do for me.