December 18, 2008

So what does one do on a snow day?

I have not had a snow day in 15 years and I lived in Idaho for 3 years. Let's say there was not even a trace of snow on my side of town this am.

Kent even made it home from Reno (via airplane) by 9:30 am. Wow then showered and went to work much to his princesses (Clarissa's) dismay!

So what did the kids and I do you ask.

-- we slept in, Clarissa and I slept til 8:30 and my early rise til 9 (he us usually up at 6).

-- Cleaned Clarissa's room

-- Went to lunch With tutu (my mom) and Inn and Out burger

-- Clarissa and Hunter finished their Christmas shopping. Yes, they buy presents for friends and an angel person. We don't have a huge family and I feel its extremely important they learn to give. If I do this right I'm hoping that one Christmas we can only give to others and they will not want presents but, find the joy in giving to others. I know they will have to be older. I'm hoping.

-- Now the kids are down and I'm off to get presents wrapped for school tomorrow and the rest of them made.

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