December 11, 2008

Please sign the petition!

You'll find a petition on my side bar. I'll leave it at the top for a few days and then move it down a little.

Please sign the petition to fight premature birth.

As the Mother of a premature baby I know the effects of premturity. We have beeen very blessed as Clarissa only spent 7 days in the NICU but, leaving your first baby in the NICU for 7 days was rought. Going home with out her was hard. Even worse than visiting her in the NICU would and could have been never getting to take her home. I feel like I can't complain about my 7 days when I think of that.

She is a very smart, active 4 year old as you can tell from this blog. Many others are not so lucky. I attribute it to that fisty attitude and disposition she has. I always say that's what got her here 6 weeks early and kept her in the NICU for only a week.

Please help educate others.

For Healthier Babies,


Mother of a premature baby (Clarissa)
Mother of a Health full term baby (Hunter)
Former March of Dimes employee

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