December 23, 2008

motivation found.

I think I found it. Taking a break for a few minutes just have to tell you what I've done in the past 36 hours.

- Created 3 picture frames w/ vinyl for a customer. Can't wait to post pictures they are awesome!

- Made 13 vinyl projects complete ready to wrap.

- 2 loads of laundry

-made in my fabouous kitchen Kent made for me the following:
aprox 8 dozen of each of the following:
- Buckeyes
-peanut better blossoms
-cherry choc chip cookies
-oatmean choc chop cookies
-mint choc cookies
-orange balls
-snow men rice crispies (only 3 dozen)
- 2 pans of fudge

Still to make:

pretzel rods and orange slices dipped

I was feeling like it was alot until I typed it.

Off to put it all in baskets and deliver!

I wish we did this all year is so much fun!

Merry Christmas to all!

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