June 4, 2008

Good thing maybe about PIW

I'm not sure why the date isn't working right HELP anyone

Oh yeah one more thing.
What could be good news about the PIW tag. When Kent spoke with a guide guy today he suggested he get a cannon eos rebel camera to take pictures with. I have been saying for a long time I wanted one as that is what I shot with in High School. My BFF and I looked at them a few weeks ago. Maybe that could be my great birthday and christmas present (hint hint) for being a hunting widow! I'd need some computer software too. I'm not sure what I'd need any suggestions? I'm taking a my last graduate class on Thurs and Friday and it has to do w/ Photo editing. I've take a lot of technology classes!

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Keanster said...

buy NIKON it is much better...


The brother-in-law that runs a camera store... :-)