June 4, 2008

Our cousin is here!

Hunter and Clariss are so excited! There cousin Jacob is here for the summer. We can't wait Tuesday we go to the Dinosaur park! Hope some of you will join us. Clarissa is also counting down the days til she gets on the plane to see her Yaya and Poppy. I hear about it everytime she sees a plane.

I'm counting down the days til I have my expo and how unready I am. I need to get off of here and make more bows. I think I'll have over 2,000 ready or there abouts plus some vinyl. I'm excited to see how well I do!

I was so lucky yesterday I got to spend part of the day with my best friend with on kids. It was fun to go to stores and not have to tell anyone to stop touching!
We were in st. George so I got to go to some of my favorite stores. Tai Pan, Roberts and a new scrapbook store, yes, it was great. We also did a secret shopper thing and I now think I need a new camera. I think I'll start a list of all my wants(kind of like Clarissa's) I sometimes forget. Unfortunatly all my wants are big items.

Can't wait to start my summer- one more week. After the baby expo I'll feel like it's started!


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Julia said...

Autumn, I'm so sorry that we didn't make it to the dinosaur park with you. Unfortunately, I got really sick on Monday and I haven't been doing anything all week. Now, 7 of the kids are sick too. I guess it's a good thing that I didn't come because I know that you wouldn't want your kids to get sick. Hey, I just got this awesome storage unit for all my stamp pads. Check it out. www.stamperstorage.com I love mine. And it fits all 60 of the stamp pads. P.s. thanks for your comment on my last post. It helped to make me feel better.