June 4, 2008

Hunting Widow I will be!

A hunting widow!

I'm scared, real scared. I think I will spend the fall a Hunting widow! My husband seems to have the best luck at drawing tags to hunt. He drew the PIW tag. For those of you like me that are clueless it means he can hunt any time and where as long as there is a season for deer. I think I have that right.

What does that mean for me. It means another fall as a hunting widow. It means I need to get him busy on the Honey do's now. One more mount on the wall. I'm sure it means a new set of hunting clothes as for some reason the animals Kent hunts seem to care what he is wearing. I wish he'd find careless animals. I think it means my Birtday and Christmas presents got larger (and probably aren't my scraproom cabinets as he won't be around to build them). It means he promised to take next hunting season off. I think it means I'm going on a cruise next hunting season. It means a freezer full of meat. Weekends with a husband, But all is all it means a Happy Husband. I guess it equates to the largest best craft conference or something. I really don't mind (don't tell him). We'll miss him. Rissa will miss him the most! No one to carry her to bed at night and to the couch in the am. (yes, I think she is spoiled but, she has a dad to carry her so, I let it be.) I just pray gas prices go down, or we may be in the poor house!

It will be an interesting fall to say the least.

stay tune for the diary of a hunting widow. Yahoo Ramen for dinner- oh wait my kids won't eat ramen- what's wrong with them I lived off that stuff for a long time.

I do have a cow elk tag which I'm excited about as elk is my favorite meat! Kent also has his usual Wyoming Antelope tags, a Utah Deer and something else her in NV I think. I stopped listening when I heard Hunting season was LONG this year! All you hunting widows- scrapbooking at my house this fall! Maybe we can convince dad the mom and the kids need to go mouse hunting.

Happy Hunting!

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