June 4, 2008

Schools out!

Yeah schools out Schools out teacher let the monkeys out!

Yes, today was the last day for kids and tomorrow is my last day! I can hardly wait! I'm busy now prepping for the baby expo I'm doing next weekend But, I'm making a list 10 miles long of all the things I want to get accomplished this summer.

1- I want to get my website up and running and get my first web order! -My m0m doesn't count.

2- Have a good supply of bows and vinyl

3- Organized house esp. bedroom and scraproom.

4- Make a family mision statement

5- Have lots of fun and make memories

6- I'd like to do some personal scrapbooking- I know novel concept but, it's a nice thought!

7- I'd love to see my college roommates, I know fat chance but, I miss them. I'm so thankful for the great times we had. Ladies it's been 15 years ago this fall that we lived in the same apt in Rexburg. Good times, Sad times, Hard times, Times that shapped me into the woman I am today. I made the best friends of my life then. Friends that just thinking about them me feel loved. Makes me know my Hevenly Father loves me. Katie, Corey, Wendy, Cindy if you happen to read this! Thanks for all the memories. I think those were the poorest days of my life but, I felt so rich with love!

8- Catch up on laundry and stay caught up!

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