June 4, 2008

quick update

This will be short. I promise to catch up this next week. I have been busy making bows. I took over 3,000 bows to the expo today! Yes, I made all of them! Yes, my hands hurt! I've done great when you consider the crowds were lacking.

I'm so ready for summer and to play. First I need to clean this pig stye I live in it and my kids have been seriously neglected this past week.

We start the week off with Dr's apts. Yeah Hunter's 2 year apt. 2 months late. But, it's getting done.

I started to think of all the things I haven't done at dinner tonight and then I thought of all the things I have accomplished this year. I think I'm going to list them on the side so I can feel better. one more credit and I will have accomplished 16 gread credits! I don't think that is to shabby! Along with a new vinyl and bow business and 2 kids! Just trying to feel better about my house being in shambles.

1 1/2 weeks til were off to Michigan to see my family and the lake. I know the kids are looking forward to the water. I'm looking forward to some R& R don't worry I'm taking ribbon to make bows. I have 2 shows booked one in July and one in Sept. and looking for more as we speak!

Hope all is well with all of you!

Oh Kent took Clarissa and Jacob to Free fishing day today and Rissa got 2nd place in her age for the size of fish she caught. See she is Daddy's girl. She got $100 Bass Pro dollars- of which she declared she is buying another pair of Mickey Crocs the yellow ones (mom's girl too) and some clothes, I'm sure a Princess fishing pole will come too.

Jacob was about an inch away from 3rd place! They all got new fishing poles and bags. It was a lot of fun!

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