June 1, 2008

Summer fun group

Ok so I'm crazy we all know that! My surgery went well and I made about 800 bows minus the centers this week YAHOO! less than 2 weeks til the Baby expo!

I started a Summer Fun group if you want to join the fun visit the blog it tells what we are doing. www.summerfungroup.blogspot.com

I'm excited I'm hoping I will get things on my want to do with my kids list done. I'm the most excited about the unbirthday party! I've been wanting to do one for 2 summers.

Only 3 days left with students YAHOO! okay I'm actually sad I like most of them. only a few drive me nuts.

So much to do and that I want to get done this summer I need to make lists and check them twice! I need to get off this computer and get busy as I have papers to grade and want my house picked up notice I did not say cleaned it's never clean I swear I should move to a pig stye but, I do think we smell a little better.

I'm looking for some cleaning elfs. My brother in law who is 13 is here for the week. I'm excited he wants to earn some $$ for new clothes so maybe he can get some of my to do
s done. cleaning kids toys, washing wood works and door jams. Funny how my husband did not notice how dirty these were until I pointed it out. It's been driving me nuts for about a month now, maybe longer.

Summer's almost here!

Oh for anyone who needs something to do Rissa is in a play June 11th at 7pm. e mail me for the address. It should be fun.

Also in all my crazyness I'm hoping to have a yard sale June 20 and 21st. Don't ask but, I need to get rid of some of this stuff!

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