June 4, 2008

In my room

I was cleaning/ organizing and found this poem I had to write at a training I went to last month. I think it's pretty cool so I'll share. Mind you I wrote this in 10 minutes. But, I still like it!

Paper, paint, vinyl,
Ribbon, adhesive, wood
Snip, Snip, Clip, Clip,
Sploch, spoloch, ouch!
Add a little this and that
Embellish here and there!
Tying, cutting, painting
creating gifts, preserving memories
Making friends, All in my room!
So hope you enjoy my attempt at being a poet. It was forced for the training/ class. I wanted to put it in here more to not lose it than anything.
Just a note I will be on vacation From Wed until July 11th. I'm hoping to still get to the computer but, it may not happen!

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