November 21, 2008


The boys at our house suffer from addictions.
Halloween has taken it's tole on poor Hunter. He came away with a Chocooolate addiction. I swear he is a chocoooooolate hound and can sniff the stuff out. The other day Rissa came to tell me Hunter was in the chocolate (mine you she was completely innocent, NOT). This is what I found in our family room.

Think this looks bad when I moved the couch to sweep under it later in the week there were more wrappers found.

And this was the cause of all the wrappers. It might not be so bad but, he can't eat the chocooolate with out wearing it too.

Such a disturbed face as his mean mom told him NO MORE CHOCOOOOOOLATE!

He has been sited walking back and forth in the kitchen saying chocooolate, chocooolate when he knows it's on the counter. I try real hard to put it up. I make these cute break in case of emergency chocolate kits for craft shows and he steals candy out of them if they are left unwrapped. I'm scared he has a serious addiction. My only hope is chocolate is not enough motivation to use the potty. But, it will get rooms cleaned and other chores done and dinner eatten. I see a big chocoalte santa in Hunter's stocking.
Just for the record us girls suffer from no addictions. We are not addicted to paper. I promise! The fact that I have 24 feet of wall space with nothing but 12x 12 paper proves it.
Rissa is not addicted to paper either, just because a girls has carried a Bath and Body works bag of reciepts around for a week and steals her mom's cute pads of paper at every chance does not mean she is addicted to paper. We use paper for writing and journaling and all that fun stuff one must do in life.
We all know that Dad is addicted to antlers (Hunting).
So as I see it we are a family of addictions.
Hunter- Chocooolate
Clariss and Mom- paper and scrapbook stuff
Kent- Hunting items
But, hey we'll go to our recovery meeting together and have fun as a family.
Just think. Hunter will provide the food on our Hunting trips that Clarissa and I will record the memories forever!
What a deal

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