November 6, 2008

strp throat kicked my butt!

I've been sick Yeah me flat in bed for 3 days! I didn't think it was possible to lay in bed 3 days and do nothing but, sleep I mean surely you'd find something to do. But, I was sick 102.7 fever when I went to the Dr on Monday afternoon with a sore throat that only got sorer. At some points I though death would feel better. May have been the dream where I was be hung by IV lines from the ceiling?

I don't know how many bones we have in our body but, I know I could feel all of mine and they hurt esp. in the joint areas.

I have never missed 3 days of work unless child birth or surgery and I don't think for my last surgery I was out 3 days.

I don't do sick well. Thanks to my husband and mom for watching my kids as you know they just want to take care of you too. Clarissa loved to come lay on my bed with me. But, I just kept thinking I'm going to get her sick.

I even canceled out of my show for this weekend. I could not have set up tonight for anything. I can still hardly talk but, It doesn't feel as bad as it did this time yesterday when I couldn't swallow.

I am so thankful for good health. Kent says he thinks this is the only time in 8 years he's seem be down for 3 days. I think he may be right. I was up hours after having Rissa- had to be to see her and just the same after Hunter, Despite what some people think I'm not a wimp. Heck I walked the Susan G. Komen a the Saturday after I had Hunter and carried him in my front pack.

But strep throat kicked my butt!

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