November 19, 2008

Primary program update

Sorry for the delay the computer would not work with me!

I did not have to crawl out of chruch. Rissa was the first child to talk so it was intereseting and her shy side came out (yes, she has one). We couldn't hear her but, I'm assuming she said her line correctly My name is Clarissa and I am a child of God. She didn't even realy sing the songs that she knows so well. She always puts them together at home and makes intersting songs.

Here is her Thanksgiving dress. She was not in the picture taking mood as you can tell from her face.
Here are my 2 greatest blessings. I love how both kids can't look at the camera at the same time.
Cheese, I want my picture taken by this ugly pole isn 't it a cute prop. Don't mind her sore on her face she kept picking. I told her she couldn't see Santa til it was gone (mean mom) so she finally stopped picking it.

Sorry for the delay the computer would not upload my pictures!

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