November 21, 2008

I'm going home for Christmas

Well sort of. We (the kids and I) are leaving Dec. 25th on a red eye and will arrive in MI the next morning. We are all so very excited. My dad e mailed me a faboulous deal on tickets the other day and then got them for us as a present. I have wanted to go home for the past few years. The day before I was whinning to my DH that I wanted to go to MI for Christmas but, it was just not in our budget. I have not been to MI for Christmas in 13 years. So it will be a real treat.

Clarissa is so excited to see snow. I'm scared she will freeze to death as she is freezing with our cold weather now (it's a whole 50-70 degrees out). She keeps telling me about all the sweaters she will need to take. Her only concern was we couldn't leave til after Santa came. It will be fun to see my family 2 x in almost a month. My Dad and sister are coming for Thanksgiving. They came last year and I surprised my dad that I knew how to cook so he had to come back for 2nds.

I love cooking Holiday meals. I don't understand why some people complain about them. I think they are fun. I truely don't see that they are a lot of work but, that's me. It's the house cleaning I could do with out. I think my goal for next year is to have someone else clean my house 2x a month. Esp. if I'm going to continue to do craft shows.

I can't tell you how excited I am for my kids to make Christmas memories with my family. I have a very small family. It's kind of a joke on my dad's side as it's a family reunion when I come home. My dad only has one brother and he has 3 boys.

Thanks dad for a great Christmas present

Now the only thing on my wish list is a flat screen TV for my scrapbook room.

well I have a few other things but, that will do it. Santa are you reading this? I hope so!

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