November 25, 2008


I'm cleaning for the holidays today and consequently going through my kids toys. Hunter has baby toys left that he rarely plays with. I think the 2nd child grows up a little bit faster. I did good I boxed up a whole box of toys to sell at my yard sale in a few weeks. However, There are 2 toys I just couldn't take off the self. It made me feel like my baby boys was to big. He has this cute fisher price animal train and the stacking turtle thing. I love them they are so cute. I just left them. Maybe when he's 12 I'll take them out of his room. Okay before then but, still. It was so hard to go through toys. I boxed all the happy meal toys first and then those that were not age appropriate or haven't seen them play with in ages. I have friends who say they just get rid of all the broken toys and that does it. I'm happy to say I only found one broken toy in his room. I'm so glad my kids take care of their toys but, it does make it hard to get rid of them. I use the excused they are home all day unlike other kids thus they need all the toys. They do a great job of rotating. The only toys I don't think they play with a lot are the little people but, I think that may be my collection. As I had little people before I had kids, oops.

So I guess Hunter's room is ready for Christmas. He even has empty shelf space, bring on the Dr. Jones toys (Indiana Jones is his new favorite movie and they even have age appropriate Dr. Jones toys, he spotted them this weekend).

Now for the Princesses room. I'm going to let her help me. She has 2000 little things and believe me she has them all inventories. I know when ever I try to sneak something out I get caught. I'm going to bribe her with 1. Poppy and YaYa are coming and 2. We can put up her Princess Christmas tree in her room on Thursday if we can get it all clean.

Now off to finish the rest of the house.

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