November 6, 2008

I'm so glad the PIW tag is filled ! to the tune of I'm so happy when Daddy gets home.

The day that has been anticipated as much as the birth of our 2 children has come. Kent filled his Partnership In Wildlife tag Yesterday.

Much to his dismal his sick wife only posted the pictured today. (I was sick in bed for 3 days with a fever of 102 thus this post was delayed (that post was ate bv blogger a few hours ago.)

Here he is in all his glory.

4 x 4- 180'' +/_

I think the song goes I'm so happy when Daddy comes home.

My version is:

I'm so happy when the PIW tag if filled.

Our Daddy will be ours again.

No more coolers in our kitchen,

No more hunting clothes to wash.

No more weeks left alone to tend the kids.

I'm so happy the PIW tag if filled.

OK in all seriousness I'm happy. I mean just think we may have a topic of conversation that is not interrupted by a hunting thought. Hasn't happened yet, but, it could maybe. I mean approx 45 days waiting for the season to open and then for figuring sake I'll say 3 months I know it wasn't daily but, it was talked about daily of "THE PIW SEASON" and now it's over. Today I had to laugh as Kent called on his way home to see if I'd made this post yet. I mean really it's not over. for 4 1/2 months we've anticipated or been working on harvesting this buck how long til it's over? I don't know. I suppose it will be talked about a while longer. It may be the great Kizerian Legend. The year our marriage with held a PIW tag with 2 small children.
It's OK Dear we love ya.

We're just glad to have our Daddy back.

I'm glad to not have to wrestle 2 kids every Sunday by myself because I was about to throw in the Cheerios. We're also glad that we have a full freezer to feed us and He owes me BIG. Look out Girls trips here we come! After all I have 3 months worth of weekends right?


Julia said...

Oh you poor thing! My husband used to hunt every year til he married me. I killed his hunting. I don't even know how I did it. Probably my neediness with the kids. And the fact that my own family had NEVER gone hunting. I'd never even seen a gun before I met Kelvin! I just didn't see the use for hunting. Until now. I wish he would go hunting so we could get some meat to fill the freezer!
Thanks for offering to take some kids Autumn. You're a gem! I would never do that to you when you are just recovering from such a horrible illness! It wipes you out being that sick and you shouldn't be overloading yourself with extra kids! But thank was a totally kind gesture that is truly appreciated. Love ya much!

Marsha said...

Awesome way to fill the freezer. Larry has cousins who hunt out in Idaho, but we don't hunt. We are in bear country anyways.
I am glad you are feeling better. I had 2 kids with strep last month and that is all one did was sleep. The other kept going to school. We did not know he had strep till a urine test in the ER.

Heidi said...

That is DANG impressive!

Brian has gone hunting a handful of times. He's shot a grouse. (Whoopee)

I'd be THRILLED if he'd come home with something like that! (Heck, I'd be happy with something a little bigger than a sparrow... LOL Maybe a duck or something? Anything?!??!?)