November 19, 2008

knocked myself out (or tried to)

I had my last craft show of the season this past weekend. Let's say it ended with a bang or knocking myself out. This nice little tile below is not as innocent as it looks.

It caused this to my face on Saturday morning. No I did not need stiches nor did I get a bad black eyes but, It hurt real bad for several days.

It was great to hang out with friends but, it was not my most productive show of the year. But, you can't win them all. Part of the process is seeing where your stuff sells best and I am learning this. My items are at a home show this weekend, it was kind of weird to drop my stuff off and leave, a little unnerving but, we'll hope for the best. I'm busy doing custom orders from here on out!

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Mary-Berth said...

Poor you! That looks so sore. I bet you are glad that your shows are now behind you. Missed you at the meeting on Monday....lots of good food. Smiles, M