May 18, 2009

1 st Father Son Campout

Hunter playing in the sand

Their sleeping accommodations

Relaxing by the fire!

Kent and Hunter went on their First Father/ Son camp out. It was a ward activity. They never found the rest of the ward but, did find another lost family. They still had lots of fun. It's been 3 days and Hunter is still talking about it.
Rissa on the other hand was not so happy. She was up til 1 am winning that her dad did not take her. and all that goes along with that. She lived and was SO HAPPY to see her dad when he got home!

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Marsha said...

YOu need to start traditions with her when the boys go camping. Last year, Savannah and I went to dinner and then rented Enchanted and ate junk food. She loved it. This year, we had 2 boys who did not get to go so we did not get to have our fun either.