May 30, 2009


Life is busy with the end of the school year. I have so much to blog about and hope to get that done this week. I need to get things ready for a class I'm teaching this week and house work done so I just wanted to record these 2 isms.

Hunter got a new slide bed this week. Friday morning he was sliding down and screamed loud and we heard a big bang. He came running in the living room and was crying. "I need blood, Mommy I need blood". We always tell him no blood no pain. I'm guess he was in a lot of pain so he needed some blood to prove it. He has a nick on his nose. It was to funny.

Tonight Hunter and I ran to my fave. grocery store (bargin post to come, maybe) any way. He got animal crackers on sale for 35 cents. We got a few boxes. He went to show sister. SHe asked "Hunter did you buy me some" Hunter replied " No, sister". Clarissa replies in her drama voice "Oh, brother, you've broken my heart". Yes, her first broken heart over a box of animal crackers. Much to her relief her mom did buy her some.

Kids say the darndest things.

More to come. We've had a great weekend family fun for FREE!


Julia said...

O.k. I totally laughed out loud for this post!! Ha Ha! That was the funniest thing!!
Hey, what're you teachin'? Something I want to come to?

bow mom said...

usa blocks and american garland I'll try to get a picture up