May 9, 2009

Bargain hunters

OK Hat was FREE at FREE Signing Time performance. Plus the kids got 2 more for their friends who couldn't come due to a death in the family.

I just liked this picture of Rissa. It was hard to get her to wear the hat as "it messed up her hair".

My favorite 3 year old.

I think I may have found a potty training logic. After the Signing Time performance we stopped at the Target on the other side of town. For only Target reasons. Hunter size diapers were on clearance for $10.00 a box. I got a 3 month supply, telling my mom this should be a potty training activity. You know every time you stock up on something your kids like (fruit snacks, lunchables) they then don't ever like them again. So I'm hoping Hunter doesn't feel the need to use them and that I have bought my last boxes of diapers ever. Funny how buying your last box of diapers does not make you as sad as starting to leave the toddler section for your almost 5 y.o does.

So this is my bargain of the week!

See all those groceries-- Guess how much I paid?

No fair Christy you know me to well. If you guessed $35.00 you are right!

That was with a $6.00 pie for Mother's Day ( I had a $3.00 off my $30.00 purchase so I like think the pie cost $3.00.

Here is the list:
Edwards choc pie, 2lt Diet Coke, 6pack of Hansen soda, 2 can apple sauce, 2 can fruit cocktail, 1 pk (45) paper plates (yes, they are cheaper than at costco and sams, I checked like 2 cents a plate cheaper), 3 pack of paper towels (we are out have been for over a week, I gave in and splurged). 2 pk rice a roni, 2- 5lb bags of potatoes, 3 teraiki lunches, 2 jumbala lunches, 4 Shepard's pies serving size about 2 each, 2 Mac and cheese w/ chicken meals, 1 broc. bow tie Alfredo meal (I love this one), 2 enchilada meals. The meals feed 4. They were 2.00 each and usually do a dinner and lunches for us. So I got food for the week for 35.00. We still have our supply of cereal from last week when I got over $120.00 worth of groceries for $30.00.

That's not counting my Gymboree bargains. YAHOO This is why I don't budget well, I buy when it's on sale so I'm so up and down. Oh well. We are getting a reserve built back up even on less income.

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Marsha said...

Alright, I must ask, how do you save so much on your groceries? Where are you finding your coupons? I went to another blogger and she saves like crazy too.
Very inspiring.

The signing time event looked like so much fun. Savannah my 10 year old is trying to learn sign language. They have an aunt who is hearing impaired so we have a few member of the family who are fluent in ASL.

Coopers said...

Your kids are so adorable! Here is the website with those recipes you asked for!