May 19, 2009

graduation outfit round 2

Remember the graduation outfit I did not like. The one Clarissa had to have See post below. Well today I came home from work and she no longer likes it. For all the reasons I tried to talk her out of it.
But, she is one unlucky girl today as I've been sick for 9 days and had a DR apt at 4:40. I am the proud, OK not so proud owner of pharyngitis. So no trips to the mall for a new outfit. She'll have to wear a sweater to keep warm. She's always cold and I knew that shirt would not work for that reason. I thought she might talk her dad into a trip to the mall but, they were still here when we got home. So no such luck. I'm dreading the clothes issues when she's a teen. But, as my mom reminds me I created the monster.
** She does still remember I get to pick the Kinder grad outfit! **

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