May 15, 2009

What to wear for Preschool graduation?

Shopping for Clarissa's Preschool Graduation outfit.

We were off to Gymboree (her favorite store) plus it's Circle of Friends time (30% your total purchase w/ CF coupon) and I had the perfect dress in mind.

This was the dress I had in mind. Clarissa wants nothing to do with it!

Well we walk in and the new Mermaid line is out. What girl doesn't want to be a mermaid.

So I thought Ok I can do this dress.

But it was to late. She had already fallen in love with these shorts. And she says "No one will be wearing a dress mom."

See the Mermaid She had hair like Clarissa, or so I was told in the art of 4 yo persuasion. You can see it but, it has sequence too. What more could a girl want?

I try with my best mommy persuasion. Which included You can have this purse. (she had already established she "wanted it".) if you get the dress. Nope. I tried every technique I knew. Including. If you choose this I choose next year for Kinder. To which she agreed. My friend Angie who was with us said she won't remember

(she will, she remembers EVERYTHING (story for later).)
No Purse it was

Sad as it was, She found this shirt.

I'm not 100% pleased with the out fit but, I didn't like any of them. Truth be told it's not one of my fave. Gymbo line. I would have skipped it all together. But, I'd rather have her happy with what she is wearing we graduate so few times in our lives. Plus I wanted to make it special so she can look forward to the other graduations she has you know Kindergarten, High School. Bachelors and Masters. Maybe even a PHD. They don't have them for elem and middle school anymore, which is a shame. Some Kinders don't even have them.

On to the savings at the mall later. Let's just say I think I made all frugal mom's proud at the mall last night. I can't wait to share my finds.

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