May 18, 2009

New Sand Box

Hunter has been wanting a sand box. It is on his Dad's to do list but, so are many other things. I saw this grand idea on another blog and here we are. A box with sand.

Clarissa and Hunter playing in the sand box (under the bed box with sand. We got Blue, Purple and pink(saved for a later time)). Hunter was a bit upset as he wanted to get IN the sandbox so:

Here is IN the sand box having fun. I much prefer we stay OUT of the sandbox and get less sand on up but, we can't all be clean freaks.

Getting sand on his feet

Freshly dumped sand, New toys and all. Who knew they had colored sand. Just wishing they had green and orange. Maybe someday! If your looking for the colored sand we found ours at Walmart (outside, in front of the store) we looked forever inside. We got the box at target and for less than $30.00 we have a sandbox. Hunter was quite upset that we would not bring it in the house when we were finished. I think this will work great til the "real" one gets built. I'm also going to take out some round buckets (the ones we use for pick a duck) and let them play in the water. I do have to admit I was cringing as they were mixing the sand colors. It was good therapy. I think.
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