May 6, 2009

Better late than never

Easter 2009

Hunter w/ the Easter Bunny

Rissa playing Peek A boo w/ the Easter bunny. One of the many reasons I love going to visit EBunny and S. Clause at Bass Pro. I get the best pictures as they are not rushing you through. We always get invites to their special preview nights (I wonder why?). I'll admit they are usually late on Sundays but, we go anyway as my kids get to visit the holiday character. We have the best picture of Rissa holding Santa's hand walking in the store.

Carrots anyone? I mean Cheese My mom made Clarissa's dress. I was such a good mom this year. By this I mean this was the only Easter dress she had. Yeah Economic hardship. We're bad she usually ends up with several Easter and Christmas dresses. I think we even were down to 2 Christmas dresses. Aren't you proud of my restraint at trying to keep a budget.
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