May 5, 2009

Clarissa loves Joseph Smith

Clarissa has a fond love for Joseph Smith. see this post from last summer. She continues to recall the story when every she sees pictures of the Kirtland temple (To her delight there is a picutre in her sripure). In March we went to SLC for my friend Beth Kelley's wedding. Rissa had asked for scriptures a few months earlier and I told her we'd get some when we went to SLC. I wanted to make it memorable. We went to temple square and bought her scriptures. We went up stairs in the JSM building and she saw the statue. She just had to examine it and pose like Joseph Smith. We also went over to the Beehive house where she got to see her name sakes Clarissa Young's room and wedding dress. I found it impressive that Clarissa Young was also a small girl as is Clarissa. I can only hope she continues to grow in her love for this gospel. I have found her a few night sleeping with her scripture pronounced sripures. She is an amazing little girl and can and will do anything she sets her mind to. Not to sure who she got that determination from.
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Julia said...

That's cute. I'm sure she'll grow to be like her namesake.
I have Adobe Photoshop CS3 but the Photoshop Elements work just as well and are WAY cheaper. I sometimes wish that I had gotten that instead. The classes I take are from Jessica Sprague and she does them in both. If you get the Elements software I'll come over and see if it's alike enough that I can tell you how to do it. I'll check it out. I'm so loving this stuff. Not that I'll ever stop crafting but I think I'll scrapbook in digital and make crafty things and cards with my supplies. I'll check it out for you...K?

Julia said...

They have the class at It's a self-paced class that is on sale right now for Mother's Day. I think it's 39.00. Then after that is the Let's Get Rockin and then Digi in Deep. They also have Photography classes. Oh! I didn't tell you which class is the one to start with! It's called Up & Running. You're gonna love how cool it is. And if you want to get some free really cool digital scrapbook kits then go She gives a free kit every month and she has really fun kits for sale.