October 20, 2008

When you think your life is crappy.

I have this vinyl on my tub for months (It was part of a line called mirror motivators I never launched). I think I need to ad to it.

No Poopin in the tub! yes, that large floating was left by the blue eyed boy below. Thank goodness mom listen to sister and let her bathe alone that night.

I also have to thank the haz mat clean up crew. Sorry It wasn't in my job discription so I called in the not fait of stomach Super DAD. See with his clean up gear. BLEACH!

I just have to say as the bathroom mirror says.

When you think life is crap just hang on and endure the good times.
and don't take baths with Hunter!

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Rochelle said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!! that is all I can say.