October 13, 2008


I"m not sure why but, these trophies were a necessity tonight. Clarissa found a dollar and needed to spend it. I also had to get some things for class at Target so agreeed to a trip. I warned her that a dollar would not get her much. except for the dollar spot. There was nothing in the dollar spot she wanted. Just some princess stickers that were not a dollar. (they were 5). We continued to look and she found quite a few toys to add to her Christmas list for santa, poppy, nana and yaya. She then discovered these trophies. They were $2.00 She asked if she had enough money and the mean mom said "No' but, the nice dad said she could do work tomorrow". So we agreed she could buy them. We continued looking at Halloween stuff and I treid to pursuade her she needed something else. It didn't work. Not a Halloween pez, not a cute bear for her mom's birthday, not candy, not chocolate, not a Hanana Montana book that was on sale for .64 or princess books that were on sale for $1.25. As her determination grew I found even better items like princess sidewalk chalk $4.50 nope- that could go on her list. As we approached the cahier there were Jonas Brother Pj's which she has been wanting. (She has one pair she got from Poppy and Nana for her bday). Nope not even $15.00 Jonas Brother PJ's could persuade her. She wanted the trophies. So we got them. she came hope opned them and then gave me one- How special but, came back a few minutes later to take it back as "they are all hers and they are special trophies" Maybe I have a future Olympian on my had if she'll give up all that for a trophy or maybe it's a padgent queen. I keep getting calls from a few talent agents in town. (it's just the red hair).

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Marsha said...

I am going to say this again, your daughter is a mini you. She is adorable.