October 6, 2008

I did it!

Well there is lots that I have done since my last post only 4 days ago. I'm hoping to get pictures up soon but, here is what I did that I've wanted to do for months
yes, I finally listed something on etsy.

Other things I've done.
- No laundry- yes, the piles are getting higher
- spend 2 days with myDH hunting a cow elk and thanks to his great guiding I was able to kill one so I'll have a full freezer (this elivates some stress I was having). Pic to come.
-I was lucky enought to get home early and spend some time w/ my friend rochelle in her booth at art in the park and sell hairbows (hard to belive I can make hundreds on those little things) so I now have money for more crafting supplies.
-Rissa and I made a halloween house out of foam
- Hunter and I snuggled. My good bed boy missed his mommy. He didn't go to bed til 11:30 tonight. I think he thought I'd let him sleep with me (not so lucky, I'm a mean mom in that catagory, I don't let kids sleep in my bed (long story), it's for their own good).
- Oh I made lots of bows that need clips while we were hunting
- read 75 pages in a book for pleasure (wow)
- got one of my 7 super saturday projects cut and peeled- I'm proud to say the hardest one. My wood is almost ready.
- counted souper sat registrations.
- wrote on my blog

On the most it important thing I did this week end is realized how blessed I am. I'm sorry to say I've spent the last 2 weeks feeling sorry for myself and the fact that I don't have all that I want when I want it. (ok there is more to it but, that's all I'm willing to devulge here) A dear friend of mine got some bad news and I learned a great lesson. I have a good job, my family is health and I can pay my bills, it's ok that I can't buy cricut cartidges when they are on sale or go where I want when I want to. It's part of life. I just need to work harder! I do however have lots to be thankful for. I have 2 beautiful children and a husband who loves and supports me in my crazy craftiness. I have more than 2 parents and sisters who love me, and some realy great friends to listen to me, craft with me and cry with me. I have a house big enough and warm/cold enough to meet my needs and food on my table and in my frig and freezer now. What else could I ask for. Oh birthday presents oh I'm sorry Nothing else.

I'm so glad for the wake up call I just wish it wasn't at my friends bad news. But, I'm happy to be out of my funk. I'm thankful for a Heavenly Father who gave me a gentle reminder of my blessings and not a huge ton of bricks like I've needed in the past.

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Marsha said...

Ok, I cannot wait to see the elk hunting pictures. Good for you. And I am so jealous of your bows being so profitable for you. I make quilts but couldn't put out enough to make a huge profit.