October 19, 2008

Chapel Heights

Doesn't the name just make you want to belong. I now belong to the Chapel Heights ward. I was so excited to go to Church today. We were having our boundaries redone. I love my ward I'm in, I have fun teaching Enrichment calsses and being the Achievement Day leader . We've lived in this house 4 years and this is our 3rd ward.

Clarissa and Hunter were upset as there was no Primary today. I told them it's because we are getting new friends. I wasn't sure what the change would be but, was excited for it. There are many things in life to get upset over ward changes just are not high on my list.

So our ward and another was dissolved and the Chapel Heights ward was made. I love the name it just sounds cool. Kind of sounds like a TV show. Live on BYU TV what's happen in teh Chapel Heights ward. Maybe I can remember my ward name now.

I'm excited as there are lots of new people. I'm hoping my kids can make friends. Hunter needs a friend, so his sister told him on Saturday. All the friends we have are girls thus according to Clarissa they belong to her. She was gracious to offer Anya after some cohersion. I think Hunter claimed her. Smart boy.

I wonder where I will get the chance to serve. What will I get to do? I quickly came home to clean up my living room as you know those drop in visits.

This Weekend- again a Hunting widow. (IE. I can get things done and stay up late)
Laundry sorted this weekend. I did 13 loads of laundry ( I'm a little anal and sort to much like red are a load so are blacks and then blues. Towels are NEVER washed with colors not matching and I have 4 colors of towesl (yes, it makes like nuts but, I don't like towel balls and would then need new towels) and it is folded minus one load. It still needs to be put away. But, I will get that done tomorrow. (Heidi or was it Stacey thanks for the clothes/towels/bedding tip. It did help.)

I also got hair bows made to match Rissa's winter clothes which were also gotten out. I think it may be a sin to have so many clothes. Definitely another closet of Gymboree (they are havign a sale as we speak, I haven't looked yet, as really we only need pants for Hunter and I'll end up buying more clothes) clothes but, they were all on sale. Honest they were cheaper than Target or Walmart. I'm so excited for her to wear them all. I'll take pictures of the bows and post later this week.

I also got some things ready for the show I'm doing on Saturday. I got a lot of vinyl peeled and a cool Harvest blocks done that I have been visualizing for weeks. I also got 3 stackers done.

I cleaned and organized a little in a few rooms.

We went trick or treating at the Springs Preserve with our friends the Hendersons. We also went to the Disney store to get our costumes- I finally talked them into being Mickey and Minne. Mickey was easy. Minnie- we'll she's not a princess nor Fancy Nancy but, some creative mom talk and it was settled. Ears and all I'll post tomorrow. We had fun.

So I'm still looking forward to next Sunday to see who all my new ward members are. New friends! I can't wait and old ones too. I'm begining to learn to embrace some change. The only think that is kind of yuck is we now have 9 am church but, that should be til January right.

Another fun, exciting and productive weekend.

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Marsha said...

13 loads of laundry. Yikes! I do about 2 or 3 loads a day just to keep on to of things. I love washing and drying. It is the folding and putting away I do not like. I would love to learn how to make bows with you. I think my 2 little girls would love them. You sound like you had a wonderful weekend and got a lot accomplished.