October 2, 2008

Stretched to thin!

This is for you Rochelle. I've posted.
I was up cutting and sealing ribbon last night so I could take it with me this weekend and was watching the Oprah show I had DVR'd. (is that a word). Any who.

It was about being overwhelmed with life. It's not that life is overwhelming it's that some of us try to do to much. I have not mastered the art of saying No. I am guilt driven and think I can do more than I can.

I have not written as I've been stressed to say it mildly. Life is attacking me and I'm not sure I have the energy to fight back. I feel like for every step I try to take forward I'm taking 3 back.
But, that is life and this to shall pass. I know I have so many blessings I think I just need to sit down and count them. I've been a little to wrapped up in financial issues to see beyond them. I realy have nothing to moan about all my bills are paid and current and I have food and a secure job, many people are losing homes and that is not a worry. But, I want more. Yes, don't we all. I feel like I work for more and want more. Anyway I'll post some pictures when I return from my trip this weekend.

What have we been up to?

Well cleaning my house- somehow I never learned to keep a clean house I have to master this as I don't want my children to have this deficiency as well.

Rissa's 4th birthday party- Princess theme

My Dad and Nana came to town for 5 days- we got to visit with them and that was fun.

Getting ready for souper saturday- see www.soupersaturday.blogspot.com for more info.

Cleaning and staying behind in laundry- Just once I'd love to have all the laundry done. Any suggestions for this?

Planning future craft shows! Yes, the crazyness continues!

trying to make $$ so I can get a head of life if at all possible!

keeping up with 2 adorable kids- trying to remember to take time to play with them. Rissa told me today after we played how happy that made her. I need to learn to take the time to do this.

Working on my to do list.

I hope that is enough for now.

I promise pictures by monday!

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Marsha said...

Autumn, you are too kind. I don't think I can remember you ever telling anyone NO. It does sound like you are doing a lot. On the laundry front, Wash small loads daily. That is what I have to do to keep up. I can't guarantee that they will be folded daily.

Tell you mom hi for me.