October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Time

It's Pumpkin Time Yes, that is vinyl on our pumpkins! Yes, we put vinyl on anything that does not move! Dad and Rissa drew the images on CADD and Mom cut them on her plotter.
This will be dinner tomorrow night. I wanted to make them tonight but, you have to let the dough rise. I got the idea from here.
I'm so excited. My friend Jodi told me about worms in a bun too. I also make witch hats. I love the Holidays and can't wait for Christmas!

Pumpkin row.
Dad's, Mom's, Hunter's and Rissa's

Hunter and Rissa's pumpkins

Mom's pumpkins. yes, with bows!

Rissa proud of her pumpkin!

Choco boy with his. He found the chocolate while mom and dad were designing and cutting. He is a chocolate hound!

Mom and Dad's pumpkins

Who can get upset with this cute choco boy. See I do let them get dirty.
OK I didn't let this happen.

And to end with our cute story of the day.
I was cooking dinner Cornbread casserole YUMMY.
Hunter and Rissa were playing and chasing each other around the house. I was thinking how "Normal" it all seemed. Rissa is telling Hunter he is the dog and he needs to bark (yes, she is a bit bossy, where does that come from?). Hunter, tells her no he doesn't want to. She won't give in so he says, "I don't want to Cassie.". I'm not sure where the Cassie came from but, he called her this Monday on the pilgrimage across town to the Dr's office and it made her so mad. Yes, it made her furious tonight as well. It seem Hunter at 2 1/2 has figured out how to get under his sister's skin. Call her Cassie and she erupts. It's kind of funny. She just melts and tells him that is a bad name her name is Clarissa or Rissa but, not Cassie! Oh the joys of kids, How fun these times are I can't wait til they are teenagers.


Julia said...

Yeah I'm with you on the election vote. And I thank you for leaving comments on my blog so faithfully! You are the best! I'm very thankful that I have a friend like you. Even though we live only 2 min. away from each other it seems we never get together so it's nice to be able to talk this way. I think it's funny that Hunter calls Clarissa "Cassie" to tick her off! Joseph just went and pooed in Laura's room to tick HER off when he was 2. I haven't ever had that happen. Totally flabbergasting.

Julia said...

p.s. Papertrey Ink is the name of a great stamping company. www.papertreyink.com. You have to check it out. They have a great design team that do tremendously awesome projects. I love this company.

Rochelle said...

our poor pumpkins are sitting on the table faceless since Sabrina got sick:(