October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I've thought a lot about this post. I've recently thought a lot about how I got where I am today. Not that I'm famous to anyone(maybe a child or two, maybe not). As I've strived to make a difference in the lives of the students I teach. I know many of them have changed my life forever.
Who has influenced me to be the woman I am today?

I would obviously not be the woman I am today with out my parents.

Thank you mom for all your love and support.

Life was not always a bowl of lemons but, we learned to make lemonade and make the best out of what we had. I learned lessons in my youth that I could not and will not have learned any other way. I'm thankful for those lessons, in these harder economic times, life does not scare me. I know how to work, I know how to be frugal and I know I can do what ever my Heavenly Father requires of me. I know my youth made me a strong, independent woman, the only time I ever regretted that was in those days I was seeking an eternal companion and many men are not looking for strong women. I just reminded Heavenly Father he created me and he had to find me someone who could love me. My mom and I have had many adventures together. Camping out for NKOTB tickets (Front row), delivering newspapers, essay contests, sending me off to college, midnight phone calls with a broken heart, life lesson's learned, Hawaii, surgeries, Vegas and a premature babies.

Thank you dad for teaching me how to figure it out.

We have not always been the best of friends and I have not always been Daddy's little girl but, you've taught me to figure the trials in life out. You've taught me to depend on myself and that I can do what ever I plan to do. Many things I've learned from your examples. I'm so thankful for the happy memories we've made these past few years. I'm thankful for a daughter that is closer to my dad than I was. I only dream she can be the Daddy's girl I dreamed of being.

I'm thankful for my step-mom,Elise and her family.

She has always been there to listen to me and to support me. When I could figure out no other way in life she was there. Many times in adolescents it meant so much to me that she choose to love me so unconditionally. I'm so thankful for the example she and her family have been to me of loving me, I was never a step child or step grandchild. I've always just been theirs. I could never have had a better step family.

I'm thankful for Judy.

She has helped me to see life in new ways and to be an example of being a SIW. For encouraging me to not give up and to seek what I want from my life. She is a great Nana to my kids. She loves unconditional and has my best interest at heart. She is a great cheerleader and understands things that others can't.

I have to say one of the most influential people in my life has been Elizabeth Brumfield.

She was my 5th grade teacher and she changed my world. She believed in my and gave me a chance to be at the top of my class. I didn't let her down then and haven't since. I teach today because of her. I hope I am some child's Miss. Brumfield. I hope I can believe in them the way she believed in me. I know I expect from my students great things because she expected great things from me. I performed what was expected of me. I am the educated woman I am today because she believed in me.

There have been many key leaders in my life who have aided me in being to woman I am today.

I'm thankful for the great priesthood example I had Pres. Krebs, Bishop Abbott,- For the youth/ young adult leaders Sis. Allred, Patrice, Mom Durrant, and those who just took the time to love and guide me- Aleta, Nancy, Bert and Linda . They have all been great examples and leaders in my life people who have been in my cheering section and lifted me up. Have encouraged me to go beyond myself and to be the woman I am today.

I know for every season in my life I have been blessed with great friends who've support me.

To Twanna and Aaron my friends since 5th grade you're awesome esp. you Aaron, You've been my rock during hard times, Thanks. It's hard to believe how old we are now.

Marsha- Your growth in the gospel is astounding, You're such an example to me! It amazes me to think what 15 years has done to our lives.

Beth- We've lost touch throught the years but, I miss you, you've been on my mind a lot lately. NKOTB still rulz. I miss our adventures. I think you are the only one as crazy as I am to do the silly things we've done but, we've had fun!

To my Roommates from my first year at Ricks- I could never survive life without you guys. You're my backbone. My support even though we are so far away. I miss you guys and love you guys. We had such great times and have more to come.

To the foothills girls- life was trying and fun. Aimee you still amaze me. I still laugh about freezing ourselves on the way to IF or the silly boys that woulds stalk our house.

Kristianna- You made BYU- Hawaii a place to be for me. I treasure our friendship always. Who else can give a girl money so she can get $20.oo out of the ATM as she only really has $5. College life it was Grand.

Getta/ Ginny- Memories, Maui and the end of the poor times, The last year of college was truly the best because of our friendship and adventures. Yes, I can still go on a hike and fall on my way to the car.

Greg/ Scott/ Jeff- where ever you are let's just say the times spent with all of you boys was great (It was fun to watch you all like, the same girl do any of you know where she is? ). Each of you blessed my life in different ways. I'm thankful for our friendships. Thanks for your priesthood examples as well. It was neat how each of you came from a different season in my life and we all ended up here in Vegas. Have you seen any blimps lately? and Can see the Grand Canyon. Good times, Good memories. Thanks

Christy- You are my support, my wind, my stability. The older sister I never had. I can't say enough about the lesson's you've taught and continue to teach me. Thank you for listening to this broken KY girl and making her the woman she is today. I miss you more than you could ever know. 2 hours is a long time when it's your BFF. I know that I can survive anything in life if you're on my side.

To my new friend Rochelle- I wasn't sure I could make friends especially one so like me. You're awesome. Who else would drive to LA to go shop for the day and tour the bathrooms with me. You rock. I love crafting with you. Thank you for helping me make my business dreams come true.

To my husband- All I asked HF for was a positive dating experience. I had a rationale that it wouldn't end. Thank you for that. For loving me and supporting me. For encouraging me. For understanding my desires to be educated. My need to be independent and allowing me to be me. For broadening my horizons. I can't believe I have dead animals hanging in my house and that I kill them. Love makes you do strange things. But, I also can't believe I have 2 beautiful children too. I am living my dreams. I have a career, which I love and a family, I can craft and serve the Lord. I know I am not always the most patient person ( I don't have a PHD yet) I know I have high goals and expectations from my life, Thank you for listening to them and helping me make them come true. My life is truly blessed. Thank your for holding the priesthood and using it.

I know there are many more of you out there who have blessed my life in many ways thank you. I know I could not be who I am today with out the sum of my life experiences. I'm thankful for all of them the good the bad and the ugly. For the late nights and the early mornings. I am who I am because of them. I'm thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the direction it has given my life, for courage it gave an 18 year old girl to leave home and go 2,000 miles away to college and make a new life.
I have to say there were a few old boyfriends who made me who I am as well. Learning to live though broken hearts was tough. I'm not looking forward to Clarissa having those experiences but, they made me stronger. I'll let them remain nameless but, I learned a lot about what I did and didn't want in life and for my life.


Marsha said...

Happy Birthday Autumn,
I sometimes forget that I am a convert. It feels like I have been a member for so long, I do not remember life before the church. Lexington holds so many fond memories for me. Larry and I have actually talked about moving back. Who knows, we'll see. I am so glad the sister missionaries brought you a long and I got to meet you. I remember us hanging out at the dances. I did not like the Mormon boys. Larry was so dramatically different. I am glad we both found our counter parts.

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!! It's hard to believe that without the crafters guild we may have never met!!!
Kinda strange when you think about it huh? I feel like I have known you a lifetime :)