October 20, 2008

Yes, I am a teacher and Yes, I am a Republican!

With the elections less than one week away, and all the political talk I just wanted to make my statement!

I am Autumn Kizerian and I am a Republican.

I fondly remember the day I registered to vote in front of Winn Dixie (yes, there is such a store) at Tates Creek and Man O War. I registered Republican that day and in every state since. I had to make my husband change is political party or I would not marry him. Sorry no free agency in this marriage.

There are few things in life I can claim to be in 100% agreeance with my father on. My political view are one.

I will admit I was hoping to be going to the polls to vote Mitt Romney in as president but, Mc Cain/ Palin will do. I like a woman who can use a gun. We have one thing in common.
I work hard for my money and I want to keep it in my bank account. I do believe our life choices bring us to our social economic status. Some choose to make more than others. I have chosen to be a teacher thus I make less money than if I had gone with my true passion in life business but, I can spend time with my family. 80 hour work weeks do not make the mother I wish to be.

OK my real point. is I'm tired of people assuming that I am a Democrat because I'm a teacher.

Why must I vote for Mc Cain you ask. well first and foremost I am a Child of God- a christian and I just can't vote for someone who does not agree with that 110%.

I don't think my family should be penalized because we work harder thus we should pay more in taxes. Or the extra tax I would have to pay as my house is larger. I pay for this house, I (and my husband) worked hard for many years so I could have this house.

If I want to own guns to feed my family or protect my family I should have that right.

This country was found on the principles of FREEDOM I feel like these very principles are being challenged. I'm scared for the United States my children will live in. I pray we do not become a socialistic government. Life is not fair and equal. As people we are not fair and equal. I know I've been at the bottom and am hopefully on my way up food chain. Hard work will get you where you want to be. Time and dedication will get you there!

I am a Republican I am voting for Mc Cain/ Palin and I'm praying the rest will vote with me.


NorthLasVegasmom said...

Hey Autumn.... like you I get totally annoyed that people think just because I'm Mormon I must be Republican. Like Teachers... Mormons are not a one size fits all party. I am so glad that we are able to have differing beliefs, but I just wish that people didn't assume we had to be of one political party or the other. Oh well... I guess you and Kent will cancel out Jeff and my vote for Obama. That's fine. The important thing is that we vote.

Mary-Berth said...

Well, my family has 4 votes for Obama. That's right. I can proudly say that the first ballot that my sons have ever cast was for Obama.
By the way, Obama is a Christian, and as Colin Powell said, "so what if he was a Muslim?"

Rochelle said...

I will make this comment tame since my first post disappeared?

so you won't be canceling out my vote :) LOL. Poor kent! I hope he is going into that booth and voting the way he wants, instead of letting you steal his vote, shame on you, LOL.


Shnannon said...

Well Kean and I are proud to vote for McCain/Palin and I'm sorry that all of your friends are giving you such a hard time for wanting to keep and protect the things that you have. Just so you know when I lived in New York all "good LDS people" were Democrats so it's not who you are sometimes as much as where you are. I'm voting for McCain but at least if Obama gets in he will get blamed for the crappy economy and in 4 years we can vote for Romney. How great would that be!!!

Rochelle said...

I would hope that Autumn does not think her friends are giving her a hard time just because they don't believe the same thing she does. Everyone works hard for what they have, I too want to protect them.

I think it is sad if anyone lets someone or shomething influence their vote(religion or otherwise)

bow mom said...

I belive we all have the right to vote the way we want (accept my husband, just kidding). There are many times I do not vote the way of my religion or a group I belong to. I look at the issues. There are some major issues I don't agree with for Obama in particular, gun control, and taxes are big ones for me.

Things like abortion I agree with him on. Yes, I am pro choice- See I believe no one can take away anothers free agency. Just like I want the right to bear arms I will give you rights for your body.

Just in case anyone is wondering. I would also legalize and then TAX marijuana. I believe it should be controled and the only way to do this is legalize. it. That being said I would never use it. Nor would I hope I would get an abortion but, that does not mean I should take that agency away from others. Same with guns. Don't take my agency. Same with my money. $250- $150K what ever the magic number is today is not a lot of money for an educated person. I have the equivialnt of 2 masters degress. I should be able to make $100K + a year and not be penalized. I should also be able to live in my 2,300 square ft home and not be penalized because I A. bought smart and B. my husband and I added on.

I live in America so we can all have opinions! Now is the time we are all expressing them.

I don't believe Obama is a christian. More to do with his own published words and recent worship than his muslim heritage. I also don't believe he is a US citizen but, time will tell that.

bow mom said...

Wow people don't comment when I talk about my family just politics. I see how you are!

Rochelle said...

I think you get to see who a person really is when you talk politics, not just the PC version LOL, not just you, everyone.

bow mom said...

I can promise you if Mc Cain was anti Gun our family would be voting differently esp. Kent. In all reality the President is just a face for the decisions congress makes. Yes, it is interesting to see people's whys? Some don't have them. Some have strong ones based on a few issues some based upon a lot of issues.

Mary-Berth said...

Yes, you absolutely have the right to vote the way you want, and that is the way it needs to remain. Do you realize that there is a Republican congresswoman from the midwest who is asking that Democrats in the Congress be investigated for Un-American activities? That smacks of McCarthyism and that SCARES me. It also concerns me that so many people are focused on Obama's religion. I personally don't care what he is. My husband is a Muslim, and we have been married for 23 years. He is good, decent man who has raised amazing children and who contributes to society on a daily basis.
I don't like taxes, but I also realize that they are the way that we pay for the infrastructure of this country. I chose to buy a 3200 square foot home, and I know that my taxes are going to be higher. We were also smart and bought another 2700 square foot home that my son lives in. I drive a Mercedes and I know that I pay a ton more than I need to. In the end, I would rather that my taxes be used for the good of this country than for the occupation of a foreign country. Why is ok for us to fund social programs there but not here? John McCain scares me terribly. I have no doubt that he will engage Iran in a war. I got chills when I heard him singing, "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran." Not very presidential.
I am an advocate of responsible gun control, but Obama has recently been very vocal about protecting second ammendment rights. He has been endorsed by one gun group, but I can't for the life of me remember which one.
His citizenship has been checked and double checked. This rumor is more rhetoric from the right.
I wholeheartedly agree with you about marijuana. It is silly really that so much time and energy is spent apprehending and prosecuting people for marijuana crimes. I, like you, would never use it. My husband and I never have. I believe that tobacco is far more harmful, but a powerful tobacco lobby ensures that it is not illegal.
It is great that we live in a country in which we can participate in such open debate.

Mary-Berth said...

The American Hunters and Shooters Association is the group that has endorsed Barack.